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nikelchimico STA

What is it?  is a treatment that allows to deposit chemically a layer of nickel on the pieces immersed in the bath of nickel plating, without using electrical current, ie, without exploiting the galvanic effect. The deposit obtained will have a very uniform thickness because it is not subject to the effect "tip" of the classical electrolytic processes: on one particular like the radiator on the right, after an electrolytic process, you have several tens of microns deposit on the tips, a few microns at the bottom of the gorges and nothing inside the cavity. The process of chemical nickel plating allows to deposit a uniform layer of nickel, on the whole surface immersed in the bath and washed by the liquid, with a difference of a thickness of only + / - 2% and a tolerance on the thickness required total of + / - 5 %d total of + / - 5 %
How is it? 
The thickness of the deposit may be very high, reaching 70 -100 microns  with proper precautions and with great patience, because the thickness of the deposit that you get in an hour on average is of the order of 15 microns, in an electrolytic bath we would take less than 20 minutes to reach the same thickness, ie approximately one third of the time! There are two types of toilets: those who deposit a nickel-boron and the now more prevalent as our Nikelchimico depositing a nickel-phosphorous (NiP) with a P content of between 7% and 13%
When ....  It 'a technological treatment costs are considerably higher with electrolytic decorative treatments, but it is handy when you require high mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The nikelchimico you can deposit on almost all ferrous alloys, cast irons, stainless steels, aluminum and its alloys, brass and copper on many types of plastics, not be deposited on lead, zinc and their alloys and on nitrided steels or cemented.
Warning! The treatment reflects faithfully the surface on which is deposited and polished the piece does not make, as the electrolytic nickel, which smooths small surface roughness by depositing different thicknesses.


nikelchimico su radiatore

NiP 12 micron su bronzo snterizzato