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1400 HV

Superficial hardness is never sufficient and for who is not satisfied, STA has developed a nickel bath that codeposits particles of SiC, silicon carbide, of micrometric dimension, into the matrix of NiP at a percentage of 15-20%. The value of 1400 HV is an average between the electroless nickel hardness, 1100 HV, and that, much higher, of SiC.

Obvoiusly the particles are treated before being introduced into the bath, otherwise they will nickel themselves and, precipitating to the bottom of the tank, they will decompose the nickel bath in a while, because of their enormous surface and they wouldn't distinguish from the other pieces to be nickeled.

Once treated, the particles remain suspended in the bath and they deposit for gravity on horizontal surfaces remaining englobed into nickel. The pieces to be treated must be put in rotation during the deposition so to offer all the surfaces to the fall of particles of SiC. Best results are obtained on a layer of NiP of about 5-10 micron at a quite low bath temperature 85-87 C, therefore with a rather long time of deposition.

High wear resistance, about 4 times more compared to hard chromo, as it can be seen in the graph reporting the use in mg of two samples exposed to rotating abrasion at different revs with 1 kg load. This is due to the superficial hardness and also to the very low coefficient of friction, about 1/3 of chromo's.

But pay attention: during the planning phase, it is needed to dimension the support so that it won't deform: hardness given by Silican is only superficial and the layer breaks if the basis material cedes

Telaio con dischi frizione

Telaio con dischi frizione

Telaio con coni

Telaio con coni



hardness 1400 HV
excellent wear resistance reduced friction coefficient
corrosion resistance
deposit precision

textile industry
plastics extruders
glass industry
mechanical industry
gauges and feelers

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