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The best way to make quality
is to avoid procucing rejection
checking the production process

Quality means not only to produce paper, but to check the production process in order to avoid rejection. Quality begins before the production process with the acceptance of the pieces to treat with their specifications: the disks in the photo beside cannot be treated and give a product responding to the technical specifications, therefore they have to be stopped and refused.

Next step, the preparation, often undervalued and not enough controlled, frequently causes unconformity. In STA we constantly monitor all the chemical and physical parameters of the preparation and deposition lines.

The partition in racks allows an opportune checking of the thicknesses during deposition and a homogeneous test for sampling in laboratory on the worked pieces.

Physical tests of hardness, rugosity, porosity are made after the heat treatment, also constantly checked.

Who does inspect the inspectors?

It seems a joke but all the measure and control devices can unset and make errors. STA uses Notcron, a powerful managing program for all the necessary the maintenance and settings: every periodic operation is registered with instructions, with the control forms and the name of the charged person who at the right moment will receive the note to intervene.

Nickel is green as STA

STA manages the waters very shrewdly: recycles and assembles all the possible in order to reduce the consumes.


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lab's equipment

polarographic analysis for organic
atomic absorption spectrometer
roughness tester
microscope with images acquisition
metallurgical proof
X ray thckness meter


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